Come on in.  Grab a chair and your favorite beverage.  Let's visit a spell.  I have lots of goodies here for you to check out:

--Why Colonoscopies Are Good! My 31-day photo blog for Colorectal Cancer Awareness, 2011. (This is hosted at my new blog/website: Golf on Monday, Chemo on Tuesday.)

A Month in the Life: My 31-day blog to raise awareness of colon cancer.
--My unintentionally sporadic
blog: full of political, familial and general musings as well as updates on what's making me sporadic--my treatments for colon cancer.
Poetry: some recent works and some older
Short stories: mostly just messing around with these at this point.
--Click here to check out the event photos for the Bringing Up The Rear golf tournament!  We sold out the tournament, sold out the dinner and raised a bit of money while really addressing awareness issues.  THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!

So poke around a bit, read, enjoy, laugh, disagree...and give me a holler once in a while. 

Links (Because it's all connected)

In no particular order, here are some links to websites, blogs and family sites that I like.
Boston Get Your Rear In Gear Run            Website for an online friend
                                                                 whose father died from colon cancer 11 
                                                                 years ago. Race date is 11/12/11.
www.leads360.com                         Dan's Company

http://cynthiamorefield.com/                Dan's sister-in-law, Cindy Morefield's blog

http://1morefilmblog.com                          Ken, my brother-in-law's, movie review

http://www.elusiveimagestudio.com/          Kevin--Photography site for Dan's brother-in-law.

http://www.funnytheworld.com/                 My friend, Bev's, (b)vlog.

Kona Lanai                                             Our lanai view at Hale Honu in  Kona.

http://superfastreader.com/                     A delightful blog/book review site by a WELL-READ woman.

http://c3.newdream.org/        An eco-conscious site chock fulla green info...like giving up bottled H2O.

http://poetryfromtommcgreevy.weebly.com/index.html  Tom McGreevy's is a soldier-poet from Great Britain.

http://www.eattheyard.com/          My niece's hubby's readable, edible green project.